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Minutes from meeting January 18 2004

In attendance:

Tim Boutilier, Robert Judge, Linda Duffin and Donna Holland.

Logo: Changing Logo to add Ford Logo to banner

Window Stickers:
- suggested retail $5.00 per unit
-adhesive decal or static?
-Tim may be able to make stickers up for us. We will check out if we can arrange it.
-membership to be $20 per year
-membership to include the following:
     -newsletter (email or snail mail)
     -window sticker and various coupons etc... more info to follow on this...
     -membership card will be issued on receipt of membership form and payment.

-Donna will go to Ford, Cres and OK tire and see if we can get them to sponsor the car club and maybe
give discounts of small amount for club members.
-can they supply us with reasonably priced memorabilia (key chains, posters, etc)
-Advertising: flyers and in the Local paper
-Carshows at the local dealership (40th Anniversary?????)
-Carshow to be open for anyone to enter
-Who is reputable for work done??? (Painting, bodywork etc.)
-New flyers out next week.
-Perks to come to meetings??? To be discussed further at next meeting.
-Meetings will be in the evenings in the summer. More to come on that.
-Donna to put car show schedule up on website.

Next Meeting to be held on February 22 2004,
Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm at the Sundance Java Bar.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm.

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