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Sunday March 28th

In Attendance: Robert Judge, Linda Duffin, Donna Holland.

We discussed assigning a board for club organization, such as treasurer etc...this will be discussed at future meetings.
CR Signs will be used for stickers, costs to be confirmed
Donna to find out about Anniversary car show at the Ford Dealership...are they planning anything.
Donna to make generic forms for Linnie doesn't get messed up!!!
Donna also to follow up and make up flyer
All Members to be given cards to pass out to future members
Reminder to all members about Sleepy Hollow August 6th, 7th, and 8th.
Form to eventually be added to website to download for member registration.

 Next meeting to be on Sunday April 18th at 11:00AM, at the Sundance Java Bar

After this meeting our meetings will be scheduled for every second Wednesday of the Month at 7:00pm at the
Sundance Java Bar, we also have a plan to move it around and have it in different
locations as the summer goes on!!

Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm

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