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September 6 2005

Hi everyone!!! I hope you had a great summer. Our weather here was a little on the wet side...especially compared to last year!!! But on we move and fall is fast upon us.  The club is having a meeting on September 29th @ 7:00pm at our usual hangout, the Sundance Java bar. If you need directions email me and I will give you the details. We will be discussing our Show of Lights Car show that will be taking place at the NEW Willow Point plaza on July 1st 2006...we will be trying to organize and figure out which trophies to offer and how many plaques etc. we are going to need.  If you have any ideas or would like to add your imput, please feel free to show up!! We have also made membership into the club free for your first year!! Good incentive to come and check us out and make this club come to life I hope!!! See you at the meeting ....D.

July 23rd  2005

Happy Summer everyone!!! How are you all doing?  Our meetings have just NOT happened for a while I must say, I am really going to buckle down and see if I can get organized.  I have just bought a new 2004 Anniversary Edition GT, so I have been busy getting to know her!!! We like!!!! I would really like to see the meetings get up and running. So I am on task.....look out kids!!! See you at the next meeting I hope, it will be in August.  I  will post a date asap.....TTFN....D.

November 17th 2004

Hi all...well been a long time since I checked in here!! We are having a little trouble getting the input into the club that we were hoping for.  We have a few members that regularly show up to meetings, but we would really like to get some new members!! We are going to put of the meeting for the month of December. But we will start up again in the new year, keep checking back for info and if you want to find out more you can always email me here... well I think that is all for now!! Talk soon.  TTFN...Donna.

September 19th 2004

Hi folks...well summer is over and fall is definitely in the air.  As you all know we have not had any meetings for the last few months.  Well now that winter is close we shall begin again!! I would like input as to when you would prefer the meetings.  Last winter we were meeting on Sundays, do you want to return to that, or keep up with the evening meetings??? If we continue with that, we will meet on every second Wednesday of the month, and if we do Sunday, same again.  Let me know what you think...enjoy driving for the next month and get your fill, cause winter is on the way!!!

June 12 2004

Ok, pretty much May was a right we will miss it all together!! We had our monthly meeting for June on Wednesday the 9th, unfortunately I didn't post it on here.. Sorry.  Anyways, we are having one more meeting for the show on Thursday June 24th at 7:00 pm at the Sundance.  If you would like to volunteer for parking help we would really appreciate it!! Any questions please don't hesitate to call me at 250.287.1766 Happy Driving!!!

April 18th 2004

Our next meeting is May 12th at 7:00pm at the Sundance Java Bar...we are starting our meetings in the evening and plan on this meeting being a dinner meeting.  The Java bar is also licensed for those not driving :) We are starting a bolder campaign to get new anyone could be a victim!!!! If we think you would be interested we will follow you or whatever it me it has been done...We also are giving an incentive to join, our first twenty members will only have to pay $15 for their membership, which includes a free club window decal, membership card and discounts at participating sponsors, as well as our up and coming newsletter. So if you are interested, give me a call (Donna) at 250.926.0511(days) or 250.287.1766.

April 14th 2004

Once again, I apologize for the late computer has now been repaired so I have absolutely no excuse other than the Stang is insured and I have been driving when I should have been working!!! :) The minutes from the last meeting are posted here....Our next meeting is April 18th at 11:00AM...same place as usual (see below) We will be starting the meetings in the evenings after this one and will keep you informed as to where.  The meetings will be every second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

March 19 2004

Hi Folks!! Sorry the site has been inactive for so long.  I had major puter troubles.  Hopefully we are past that now!! We had a meeting in February, it was relatively calm, except for the usual shenanigans...the minutes are here.  Our next meeting is scheduled for March 28th at the Sundance Java bar at 1:00 pm (Westgate Road in Willow point, in the Nite time news mall.) Hope to see you there!!

January 18 2004

Hey Everyone!! Well the first meeting has come and gone.  We have established what we want to see happen with the club and are starting to work on all the projects this week. You can read the minutes of the meeting here.  Our next meeting is scheduled for February 22 2004, at the Sundance Java bar at 1:00pm, directions below how to get there.

January 11 2004

Hi all, well the new year is here and I have figured I better get a little organized here!! We are planning a meeting on Sunday January 18th at 1:00pm at the Sundance Java bar (in the night time news mall, off of Westgate Road in Willow point) anyone interested can show up!! I will fill you in on the details after the meeting.  Any questions, email me at Happy Stanging!!!

October 1 2003

Welcome everyone to the newest Ford club on the Northern Island.  I started this club so that us Northerners have somewhere to get together and swap our car stories and meet other car people. Unfortunately, the other great Island clubs are all on the Southern tip of the Island, and most of us are not able to make meetings or participate in a lot of the events due to our busy lives.  Hopefully with your input we can make this a great club, and meet lots of great people that we otherwise wouldn't come in contact with. If you have any suggestions or requests please don't hesitate to call me or send me an email.  I will have more info for you as we go along!!! Talk soon, Donna.


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